We put the 'Real' in 'Real Estate'

Ticks all the boxes!

Ken and Judy Thomson , 12 Jan 2017

Mark, shortly before we met him, sold a block of land to our son and daughter-in-law only weeks before they recommended him to us as we wanted a block in the same area in Casuarina. We needed a block about 20 metres wide to fit our chosen home. This is an almost impossible task up here. We met Mark, who was spot on time, for a coffee and a talk and he told us he had a block that was flat and 650sqmetres - ideal - but it was listed for auction. We made an offer and asked Mark to take it to the vendor before auction which he did. There was a bit of good natured to and fro and Mark was able to get a deal over the line for us. It is an understatement to say how well he acted for us while honouring his responsibility to his vendor. WIN/WIN. We have no hesitation in recommending him to buyers and sellers of real estate. He is an honourable man.